A self care approach to...

The Backhealer is a simple and effective self-care method that personalizes the ancient therapeutic practices of breathing, massage, and movement. This exclusive healing method was developed by Steve Butler in Vancouver, BC to stimulate the body's innate healing response to back pain.


1.  Reset muscle tone and nervous system response with the Backhealer Breathing System.

2.  Release tissue tension, increase joint mobility, and decrease pain by practicing MassageMobilize techniques.

3.  Reprogram movement patterns and regain fitness practicing LengthenStrengthen techniques.

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I was born with no discs in my low back , a mid-back scoliosis, and a reverse curve on my neck. My father and sister both had similar defects and both had surgery to fuse their vertebrae; neither surgery was successful in decreasing their pain. I healed my body using the Backhealer self-care method. If you can lay on the floor you can use the Backhealer method.

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  “Exercise makes my back worse.” We hear it all too often! This often occurs because we have not built new movements patterns into our bodies after we have suffered with back and body pain.  

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