Yoga for the SI joint.


Finally got to a class – days after putting out my lower back over the weekend. Had been doing the ballwork a couple times per day ever since. Turned out there was a Backhealer classmate with exactly the same left hip and S.I. joint problem to work out. How likely is that? So, we both worked the iliacus nice and focused and then used the red ball for the S.I. joint. Whew. Intense. This joint is made up of bone and ligament (no muscle there!) and therefore it takes time (sweet time) to affect healthy change/improvement in that location. Patience and perseverance. Added more of those gentle knee bends to reinforce the ballwork. Then worked out all the mid-back soreness that Steve mentioned is commonly associated with contraction in these areas. I put more intention into the yoga moves at closing. In savasana, I felt for the first time in DAYS like everything was connected properly… like parts had been off doing their own thing and come back. I sure find it hard to fit yoga into my ballwork practice. It’s definitely the icing on the cake. I usually run out of time. And yet every time I do include yoga at the end of my ballwork practice – the whole process just feels more complete. Patience and perseverance. I accomplished more than I thought possible with other aspects of this method – maybe I can do the same with the yoga.

Yvonne – A prairie raised renaissance woman with a passion for expansion. Planning to live to 92, so smack in the middle of things and taking action.

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