Be a Backhealer Training

Level 1 Training


Oct 10th 6-9pm, Oct 11th 9am-5pm, Oct 12th 9am-3pm


Oct 17th 6-9pm, Oct 18th 9am-5pm, Oct 19th 9am-3pm


Level 2 Training

  • Apprenticeship programs ongoing weekly throughout the year.


Level 3 Training

  • 2014 FALL SESSION  – Prerequisites are Level 1 & 2. Ongoing now.



Hands-on experiential training for mind and body.


“Be a Backhealer” training is divided into 3 levels.


1. Level 1 – Practitioner

  • Understand how your back functions and why it is in pain
  • Learn and experience the Backhealer Breathing System
  • Learn and experience the Backhealer soft tissue massage and mobilization method
  • Learn and experience the Backhealer Progressive Movement Series

2. Level 2 – Apprentice (Prerequisite is Level 1)

  • Participate teaching the Backhealer group session
  • Understand, experience, and increase your personal healing energy
  • Reading and written work

3. Level 3 – Pro (Prerequisite is Level 2)

  • Hands-on techniques for private sessions
  • Program development for private sessions
  • Operate your own Backhealer practice

You will learn:

●    Breathing techniques for resetting your pain and your nervous system.
●    Soft tissue release and joint mobilization.
●    Movement appropriate for your clients’ specific abilities.
●    Alignment evaluation techniques.
●    To become a guide and partner in healing.

“Be a Backhealer” Level One – sample

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