Get FIT!!! without getting hurt.

  “Exercise makes my back worse.” We hear it all too often! This often occurs because we have not built new movements patterns into our bodies after we have suffered with back and body pain.  

Back pain and connective tissue

“Connective tissue wraps virtually every other tissue formation in our bodies. If everything else were removed, the network of empty connective tissue compartments would preserve our physical forms in detail.”  ~ Deane Juhan, “Job’s Body”

Healing Your Back Energetically

Back pain is the No. 2 reason why people visit their Doctor.   Integrative Energy Healing is an evidence-based healing modality. Scientists are still researching ways to measure energy healing but there is no doubt to its effectiveness as energy healing is now seen in many hospitals in Canada, US and around the world. Daytime TV’s favourite Dr Oz, supports and promotes energy healing and uses it during his surgeries to speed up recovery.


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A story of back pain dont's

A STORY OF BACK PAIN DONT”S!!! In the early stages of my recovery from a back injury, I met a number of people who had also suffered spinal cord injuries. These meetings were a way to understand how people recovered from a devastating injury similar to mine. At that point in my journey, I could not imagine experiencing happiness again. I remember one particular conversation with a young man who became a quadriplegic when a large tree fell on him and snapped his back in […]