1.  Reset muscle tone and nervous system response with the Backhealer Breathing System.

2.  Release tissue tension, increase joint mobility, and decrease pain by practicing MassageMobilize techniques.

3.  Reprogram movement patterns and regain fitness practicing LengthenStrengthen techniques.

Good to know!

Pain in the body is mostly due to compressed muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, joints, etc. Compression is the body’s natural tendency when it does not like something. For instance if the body feels a joint is not moving properly it compresses the muscles around it to stabilize the joint so it will not have further damage. Compression is our protective, fight or flight mechanism.You’ll know what I mean if your back has ever gone into spasm. Your body did not like the movement in one area of your back so it compressed the back muscles to protect itself.

When space is restored and compression eased, the body renews the flow into the area it protected. The muscles relax and now there is more space for restored blood flow, energy flow, and immune system flow.

The renewed flow brings nutrients and immune cells to the once painful area and removes waste products (mostly lactic acid) from the muscles. These waste products are released into the blood stream then into the lungs and out your breath.

Increasing your ability to breathe increases your body’s ability to heal itself.


Backhealer Breathing System

The Backhealer breathing system teaches you to activate the muscles of respiration (breathing) increasing overall flow of oxygen throughout the body. By activating your breath you will experience less muscle stiffness, inflammation and back pain. Increased oxygen results in improved circulation, immune and nervous systems enabling your body to heal itself efficiently.

The Backhealer breathing system begins by laying on the floor with feet and hands relaxed outward. Then the lower abdomen underneath the belly button is lightly compressed to the ground which begins the breath activation process.

Activating the breathing in this way strengthen and lengthens your breathing muscles and increases breathing capacity.

As you practice the Backhealer breathing system your body will create a habit of this increased flow and you will feel less pain and stress everyday. Your brain will reset itself to incorporate this new state of relaxation into your daily life resulting in decreased muscle tightness and toxins in your body. Your body will set itself up for efficient healing and you will feel better each day.

Learn how to perform the Backhealer Breathing System.


Applying pressure to specific muscles and soft tissues pushes the wastes out of the muscles in to the blood stream. This pressure also sends a signal to the brain which increases flow to the area immediately and over the next 48 hours. Using the Backhealer ball to pressurize (similar to acupressure) the body in the correct area and in the proper sequence releases muscle tension and inflammation. The body becomes more supple and more flexible. Directing your newly Activated breath to the areas of the pressure teaches your brain to form new patterns of muscle tone which you then incorporate into everyday life. The Backhealer exclusive soft tissue release techniques shows you where and how to place the ball on your body for maximum results.

Continued practice at home will amplify awareness of your unhealthy muscle habits and increase your breath. These changes will result in releasing tissue tension, increasing joint mobility and decreasing back and body pain. If you are presently seeing a body therapist incorporating the Backhealer self-care method creates a supple body so your specialist can maximize your treatments.

Learn how to use the Backhealer ball



The Backhealer exclusive Progressive Movement Series is designed to “reprogram” your movement patterns so that back pain will not reoccur as you begin to use your new body. Your body wants to use the movement patterns it has already established over the previous months and years, therefore you must retrain your brain to use the new length and strength created through the Backhealer. It is important to practice our Progressive Movement Series immediately after “Activating Breath” and “Amplifying Awareness” as this ensures long term back and body pain relief. The Backhealer exclusive Progressive Movement Series begins with safe and simple floor movements gradually moving you to full motion, full load movements.