What is a Backhealer GROUP session?

Limited to 6  persons, this 1 hour individualized session instructs you in the Backhealer method and helps to personalize the method to your healing needs.

  • Learn the specific breathing pattern that resets the nervous system
  • Experience and practice the Backhealer ball; reducing pain and injury

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What is a Backhealer PRIVATE session?

A 1 hour intensive hands-on session with a Master Backhealer. This session will accelerate your healing process by use of the Backhealer manual therapy method.

  • Achieve a renewed understanding of your pain and injury
  • Realign your hips, spine and neck
  • Discover healing techniques to speed your recovery


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  1. 1. Complete NEW CLIENT INTAKE form.
  2. 2. Be 10 minutes early.
  3. 3. Wear comfortable clothing such as yoga wear or sweats.
  4. 4. Do not eat 2 hours before your session.

Buy 10 group sessions, only $25 per session. Regularly $30.

Backhealer group session



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