Using the Backhealer breathing and energy method has decreased stress and increased focus during my demanding work schedules. My family uses the Backhealer techniques on a regular basis to alleviate and manage back pain. I look forward to continually integrating the breathing and yoga sessions into my daily life.
Dr. Michael Hayden, CM, OBC, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D. FRCP (C), FRSC –  Canada Research Chair in Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics

I have spondyloptosis which means my spine no longer sits on my sacrum. I use the Backhealer method to heal my pain and keep me flexible. I am able to participate in my passion; ballroom dancing, because of my daily practice of the Backhealer. Sonnie Schultz

Despite not coming from conventional medicine, Steve is the one who has been able to piece all my pain together. He is an exceptional holistic healer who understands chronic pain. I discovered that my psoas was highly involved in my back pain and my digestive problems. He suggested certain foods, breathing techniques, self-massage with a ball and yoga. He understands that pain is caused by not only mechanical issues, but also chemical and emotional.
Kim Scarrow – Owner Moksha Yoga Vancouver

I was recommended to the Backhealer for tightness in my right shoulder. Working methodically with Steve in the session, he found the tension was also related to tension in my stomach. We worked together, and I continued on my own after I got back to the UK, using his amazing Backhealer ball. We have achieved good results. I find the ball relaxing to use and I have to say that I really look forward to my ‘ball time’! Thanks Steve.
Robin Kermode – Actor

I was introduced to Steve Butler in December 2009 at a time when my back started to give me trouble.  I was in my late 70s and still sitting at my office desks most days. The therapy and ball exercises have eliminated those problems.
Poul Hansen

To be a dancer is to move; to be healthy is the capacity to move with ease. My professional career has been a study in balancing health and dance. Steve Butler has been an accountability coach and continues to hold me to my goal. He has given me a very tangible tool to reset my body “back at zero” that is his own unique brand of ball work. Rolling on the ball has saved me from the hardness of my everyday training and has ushered me through tremendous injury. We all have those spots within our bodies that are locked. I would invite you to open yourself, open your body, to experience your own personal highest and best. Check out this program! I invite you to move; I invite you to live with more ease.
Maggie Forgeron – professional ballerina

I had a bad backache for 2 and half years. It was  hard to walk as the pain also shot down to my right leg.  I went to many physiotherapist and other health practitioners but with no avail. Eventually I went to California and had an MRI which showed I had a herniated disc. Just before I gave up, I tried the Backhealer. I was amazed . After the first session, I felt better.
Dr. Rabab Ward

I was diagnosed with scoliosis and the doctor said I needed surgery to put rods in my spine. The Backhealer method has made me stronger and more flexible everyday.
Martha AdemSee video